Sunday, February 10, 2008



I am going to share with you some Mallu Kerala sexy pictures and also malayalam actress pictures in which lot of girs from my place dances and acts in movies and songs which are a major attraction but, to everyones surprise this movies does not have any nudity.But,their dressing style is in such a way in Sarees and Blouse that you will enjoy it. Actress have dedicated their life to Indian cinemas and they have to bear many difficult situations like getting exploited in early ages. Have you ever visited Kerala,small state located in India.It is my home place and women here are very beautiful and the language spoken here is Malayalam.The movies containing masala or sexy actress are usually known as Mallu masala or malluwood.Our girls in older days used to wear mundu or lungi which was a clothe wrapped around waist and a blouse.Afterdays with the improvement in dressing style it changed to Saree and Churidhars,Skirts.etc.This is my search into the beauty of women and i am sharing it with people who are of the same opinion.Do you know our famous actress Shakeela who gave the greatest hit of movies in Kerala . "Kinnarathumpikal" .With Shakeela there are many actress who stepped into this film industry. Most popular of them are Reshma,Sajini,Maria who had made the word popular that masala movies of Kerala are the best in the world.

But these days such movies are a dying breed with alien concepts like “socially relevant topics”, “parallel cinema” , “bold movies” or the like infiltrating to the very heart of Bollywood. Some of the movies are restricted to 2 hours in length! We are actually getting to see movies without a single song-and-dance sequence! Blasphemy!Now the only masala movies that are still around the faux-masala movies like “Main Hoon Na “ or “Bunty and Bubly “ which have all the characteristics but cannot be called as such because even the directors acknowledge that are meant to imitate the true masala movies and are even promoted as such . In fact the only recent True Masala movie I’ve seen is “Garv Pride and honour”….oh yes , the masala movie should also have a fearsome and awe-inspiring title ( Sholay (Flames) , Shaan(Pride) , Waqt Hamara Hai (The time is ours) or my personal favourite… Jaanbaaz)

Kerala has a very successful film industry with around 30 films being made every year, due to the existance of Chuck Norris. There are no cinema theatres in the entire state and the films are exclusively released on CDs and DVDs. These are sold by hawkers and pedlars on the street. The film association called ACHCHA, the acronym of which still not deciphered yet. The main actresses are Navya Madhavan, Kavya Nair, Kaliyamkattu neele. The most successful malayali actress is Shakila. She was awarded the Oscars for her performance in Kinnarathumbi. The Television viewers in Kerala was selected for 1995 Nobel Peace Price for watching serials, and later won the UN Peace price for watching the serial "Kadammootha Kathanar" (Bankrupt Priest) in 2001.

In the Good Old days when Men were Men and the only form of entertainment in India was good old’ Doordarshan and the local cinema, life for movie-goers was much simpler. We had the “trueMasala Movie” which had 3 hours worth of song-and-dance sequences , multi-talented hero, dishum-dishum and melodrama . The director generally wanted the end result to be a cinematic masterpiece but it usually ended up looking a bit over-the-top. Nevertheless these were mostly entertaning and harmless.Now sexy cinemas in CD's and Video Players have increased the saleability of the adult items and all sites are filled with sexy women ready to strip and for live webcam chat for money .

The guinnes book of world records for a star acting in the most number of films is still held by Late Prem Nazir (7,87,000,436 Films in Malayalam, English, Tamil, Kannada, Tulu, Konkani, Spanish, Bengali, ThirOntharam malayalam, Hindi, Sanskrit, Russian, Prussian, Persian, Arabic, Kunnamkulambhasha to name a few). He saw to it that the record is unerasable by guinness book officials.

Who is the greatest actor in the whole world? Mohanlal or Mammootty! As there ain't a single factory(Actually there are three factories, two of which are locked out) in the entire state this debate has employed the youth and oldies alike for the past two decades. This debate unfortunately was settled some Onams back with a faceoff between the superstars. The tussle was between Mohanlal's Raavana prabhu and Mamooty's Rakshasa Raajavu and the winner that year was Shakeela's Rakshasa Rani. Shakeela rocks.Shakela is the only acrtress in India who had been the greatest ambassador of masala movies. She was the Rani of all masala languages inspiring new ideas to producers and directors .

These beauties most of them like me are housewifes and these are taken from private photo collections and are very rarely available.I will be updating more and more pics every now and then.Kerala is a land of love and as some of you may be aware that it is known as Gods own country, its true to every word. God has hidden all these beauties in this small place and usually lot of visitors come to this place mistaking that free sex is available here.Eventhough there are sexy women here most of them respect the culture and tradition and sex after marriage is the society policy of women and men.

Many of the girls are very poor and have to face many difficult situations from people in the form of sexual exploitation even from their father or brother.So some of these girls due to circumstances become prostitutes.I am speaking only about 20% of the girls.All others are very well educated and Kerala is a state which has acquired 100% literacy.As girls of Kerala are very sweet many people from foreign countries come here to find their life partners.

Masala is the Hindi term for spice. Besides meaning the spice that one adds to food, it also refers to the spice of life, the excitement and vibrancy that blossom from stimulating conversation and a house full of friends and family. All of the things that make life interesting all of the things that inspire this is masala.

Without malayalam movies of X & Y grade theaters in India's finest metros would now have turned into restaurants and malls. These movies approach film making in a very classical way, which means all the movies will look and feel the same, its just different people trying to render it as best as they can

One of Kerala's finest exports is the "Adults only" movies featuring sexy kerala girls and saree wearing actress or aunties in blouse,pavada expose them and masala photos are always in great demand in all places and malayalam girls or keralas own malluwood girls pics eventhough they have no nudity attract many viewers to these cinemas or masala movies.

The main protagonist is usually a very wronged vedi( a gunshot!) who the male members are groping at all the time. They indulge in some serious sexy groping, all with the women sometimes losing their jawlis but keeping their tight cycling shorts on. Shakeela one of the leading exponents of this art form used to be so busy making these movies it is rumored that she barely had time to put on clothes between movies.